30 Days of Truth – Day 28

What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

Who wrote this question? It sounds like it’s being aimed at high school students taking a sex-ed course.

As I have been pregnant, the point of this question is somewhat defeated, so I’m going to answer it as though I’m asking my 16-year-old self:

At first, I’d probably just panic. In fact I’d probably curl up into a ball and go catatonic for a while. I wouldn’t know how to tell anyone, and in the end I’d probably go to my best friend first, because she was always good for that kind of thing. šŸ™‚ When I finally got up the courage I’d tell the father. And regardless of what his opinion on the situation was, I’d have the baby. I’m a huge proponent of the fact that a woman has the right to decide what happens to her own body and life, but at the same time I personally don’t agree with abortions. I don’t think I could ever have one, no matter what the situation. So I’d have the baby.

Are we good? Can we leave this question behind now and never look back? Thanks.

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