15 Day Book Challenge – Day 5

Day 5- Guilty pleasure book

Twilight. Fellow writers, don’t judge me.

I mentioned this before as one of the answers from the 30 day challenge, but I think Twilight is horribly written. Bella is a huge Mary-Sue character, Edward is constantly described as being the paramount of physical perfectly (which gets old after a while) and the writing in general just smacks of teenage wish fulfillment.

And yet I enjoy it. I even read the entire series through twice. Why? Let me answer that with another question: why do so many women all over the world partake in Harlequin romances even though the writing and the plots are generally pretty ridiculous?

I guess sometimes you just want to indulge yourself in something that’s nonsensical and kinda dumb. *shrug*

One thought on “15 Day Book Challenge – Day 5

  1. B-Movies. Nuff said. Not everything has to be award winning to be enjoyable.

    Twilight does blow though.

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