Things I’ve Learned Through Blogging

A reminder: This post courtesy of Julie Jarnagin’s 101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers.

11. What you’ve learned through blogging

A few things:

– That sticking to a schedule is not as easy as it sounds.
– That coming up with ideas for things to write about is not as easy as it sounds (thus all the challenges).
– That it can be a great way to network and meet other people in your field, so long as you’re willing to put as much effort into reading other peoples’ blogs as you are putting into writing your own.
– That it’s a great way to keep your writing muscle flexed.
– That seeing your stat page count visits to your blog can be a ridiculously awesome high.
– That sometimes, unfortunately, you’ll put your heart and soul into a post and have no one read it.
– That it’s difficult to keep your train of thought on a post when you’ve got a toddler poking her head around your laptop and saying, “Elmo? Elmo?” 🙂

3 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned Through Blogging

  1. Great points, all of them excent in my case, anyhow, the second point. And as my children are all grown up and I hadn’t started writing till they left home, I can’t relate to the last. But I envy you because you have started young and have plenty of time to hone your craft. Lucky girl.
    As for the second point about ideas. I have ideas coming out of my ears. (I’ll show you my notebooks if you will show me yours) It’s doing something with them that’s hard and a lot of work, hence the one percent inspiration and ninetynine percent perspiration that people talk about. Good post.

    • I always try to tell myself that I’m still young and I’ve got plenty of time to become a writer, but sometimes I actually think that’s a bad way to look at it…I think that thought process might breed procrastination. lol

      As for exchanging notebooks, I’d love to…if only I had one. I’ve tried many times to get organized, but I’m just a scatterbrained person. My ideas are strewn across a hundred different word files, smartphone notes, random scraps of paper, etc. I’d have to spend a week gathering them all together before I could show them to you. lol

      • Tell yourself that you’re young, plenty of time to hone craft and develop your skills. My child rearing skills have gone by in a flash. If I’d had them to do again, I’d be writing at night when the children are asleep. 🙂

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