The 12 Posts of Christmas – Shopping

12. Uh oh…Christmas is coming fast and you’ve got presents to buy! Write about your shopping strategy and your feelings on the yearly panic.

Here’s the thing…I love buying presents for people. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that, while I still love receiving presents, the greatest joy of Christmas for me is buying an awesome present for one of the special people in my life.

However, I absolutely abhor shopping. I don’t even really enjoy shopping for myself, never mind having to drag myself out to shop for others, and I especially hate shopping when there are approximately all of the people crowding up the stores around me.

In this regard my husband and I are very much agreed, and so it has become our custom to begin our Christmas shopping exceptionally early. We try to keep our loved ones in mind all year through so that if a great gift happens to catch our eye, we are able to snatch it up and have it ready when the time comes. We’ve been known to make purchases in the summer with the intentions of giving them as Christmas gifts, and as an extreme result, my husband tells me that he bought something last year during the Boxing week sales that he’s giving to me for Christmas this year. You don’t get a whole lot further ahead than that!

This year I began picking things up around September, and during my last stint home I officially finished all of my shopping. You cannot begin to imagine how happy I am knowing that when I come home from this work shift I’ll have absolutely no shopping to concern myself. I can just sit back and enjoy the holidays while watching everybody else lose their ever-loving little minds. Bwa ha ha…

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