The 12 Posts of Christmas – Excitement

10. Kids get SO excited over some presents. Write about a particular toy or other present that made you lose your mind on Christmas day when you were a child.

There have been a number of presents over the years that made me lose my mind when I was young. Obviously I can’t remember any from when I was very small, but I’m sure my parents  could tell you a couple of stories of major freakouts from my earliest Christmases.

As for what I actually recall myself, two that really stand out were video games. The first, which I can only vaguely recall, was when I opened my Super Nintendo Entertainment System. If I was so inclined I could hunt through my parents’ basement and show you a couple of photos of that moment. I am not so inclined, given that I am currently over 3000 km away from my parents’ house, but let me assure you that the little girl in those pictures is grinning ear to ear and is gripping the box of that SNES with such force that her fingers are turning red.

The second example requires a bit of back-story… You see, when my best friend Kelly and I were younger we would regularly scrounge up some change and rent a video game at Dave’s Convenience Store. One of the games we rented enough times to cover the cost of the cartridge more than once was Final Fantasy III (US version) because we were absolutely obsessed with it. However, because of the length of the game (I don’t think I would be exaggerating to say that it took at least 30 hours to reach the ending) we could never beat it. Inevitably we would run out of change and have to give the game back, and by the time we were able to rent it again some other child would have taken it out and overwritten our save file. It was a vicious loop. To make matters worse, by the time we had discovered this game it was actually fairly old for a SNES cartridge…in other words, it was no longer available in stores. Our only chance of getting it would be to snatch it up from a second-hand shop, and as not many people were willing to part with such a classic game, copies weren’t exactly floating around.

So imagine my elation when I opened a present on Christmas morning and found a like-new copy of Final Fantasy III staring up at me. I don’t recall exactly if I had specifically mentioned the game to my parents, but somewhere along the line they picked up on the fact that I was looking for it and they had kept close tabs on a local second-hand store until one finally popped in. I nearly cried when I opened that present, I’m not ashamed to say, not only because it was something I desperately longed for, but because I’ve always been annoyed by parents who are incapable of listening to their children and this proved that my parents were not those kind.

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