Trailers of the Bookish Variety

A reminder: This post courtesy of Julie Jarnagin’s 101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers.

61. Book Trailers

Book trailers. Book trailers. Book. Trailers.

Is this a thing? Really?

Google tells me that it is and that there are apparently tons of websites specifically dedicated to producing and sharing them. I’ll be honest, when I first saw those two words together I just assumed that it meant something like a synopsis…a quick blurb that reveals just enough about your novel to make people want to know more. But then I did my little Google search and found out the truth…people spend time and money to create little movie trailers for their novels. Literal, live-action trailers for their novels.

I must admit, this concept has me pulled in two different directions. On the one hand I find it so hard to believe that writers are doing this, that they find the time and resources to put something like this together. On the other hand I find myself imagining what my book trailer would look like…

Fade in on a typical young woman laying asleep in her bed. Slowly zoom in on her serene, dreamless face…

*BANG!* Her eyes shoot open.

Fade to the woman peering out her apartment door; pan back to see several other neighbors doing the same.

Fade to the woman peering up the stairwell; zoom in toward the back of her head as she looks up to where the steady thud echoes over and over…

Screams; the camera shakes as the apartment building erupts into chaos. Sirens and screams fill the air and the light of a fire blazes in the background.

Fade to the woman holding a bloodied kitchen knife in her shaking hand; a shambling body, covered in stab wounds, shambles into the shot as the woman takes a deep breath and shrieks.

Eh? Eh? Bah, whaddaya want? I’m a novelist, not a screenwriter.

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