Accountability Tuesdays -Week 2

We’ve made it to another Tuesday already! Not only does this mean that I’m heading home for two weeks (~Haaaaa-lelujha!~), but it also means its time for another batch of accountability. Lets see how my goals faired out this week, shall we?

Health and Body Image Goal
First, let me say that I got a new job of sorts since last Tuesday. A bit of a promotion if you will. I get paid a little better and get to stay in out of the cold in return for some extra responsibility. I also sit on a computer all day. While I love my new position, it’s definitely going I make my health goals a little more difficult being sedentary all day. That said, I’m still not doing too badly. I had a couple of days where I said “screw it, I want some chips”, but other than that I’ve been eating fairly good foods and only as much of them as my stomach actually wants. I think I may have even lost a lb or two, if not a little space around the waist because it seems to me that my pants feel a little looser. Huzzah!

Editing Goal
As previously mentioned, I didn’t bring the stuff necessary for this one out to work with me this run, so I haven’t gotten to it yet. Going home today though, so maybe I’ll have something to report next week!

1,000,000 Words Goal
Okay, here we go…lets see how I did compared to last week…
I wrote 2906 words worth of blog entries, and 3441 words toward my current work in progress for a weekly total of 6347 words. That’s 598 more words than last week! I’m so proud!

And this concludes week two of Accountability Tuesdays. 🙂

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