Taking Lucid Dreams to a New Level

As long as I can remember, I’ve had very vivid dreams. Where some people can tell me the general plot of their dream and who was present, I could tell you what the characters were wearing, the layout of the room we were in, the exact emotions I was feeling, and any other number of finite details. I kept a dream journal once, out of a curiosity of whether I might be able to interpret some of them, but it was ridiculously time consuming. I could wake up from a dream and start scribbling in a notebook, and my arm would get sore before I’d finished. I have dreams in that journal that take up more than ten letter-sized pages, front and back. I don’t have dreams, you see, so much as subconscious full-length motion pictures.

But last night’s dream took the cake in a way that compels me to write about it. I’m going to give you a basic outline of how the dream panned out, and at the end I’ll explain why this one in particular freaked me out a bit.

So the dream took place in the area of the Kearl Lake plant where I used to work. There’s an area set aside from the actual plant where that area’s workers have trailers set up for lunch rooms, changing rooms, offices, and so on. That’s where I was. I was wearing all my outdoor work gear; boots, coveralls, outerwear, toque, etc, and I was wearing a backpack. As near as I could figure, I’d just arrived for my shift, but I couldn’t seem to recall how I’d gotten there. Additionally, it was nighttime, even though I work day shifts.

So I’m wandering around the trailers, and there seems to be some kind of party going on. For a while I was just wandering around confused and couldn’t figure out what was happening, but after a while I realized that PCL (one of the construction companies that works on the site) was throwing some kind of festival or something. I could go into great detail, but suffice it to say that there were parades going up and down the streets, carnival rides in between the site equipment, and food stands around the trailers.

Aside from the crazy carnival stuff occurring, there were a few things that differentiated this dream from reality. For one thing, one of my cousins was there, even though he works at a Sobeys store in Nova Scotia. I remember him trying to tell me something about the woods outside the site, and he began sinking into some kind of quicksand. It turned out to be a joke he was playing on me. Ha ha, very funny. Then my husband’s cousin, who is working on becoming a continuing care assistant (also in Nova Scotia) appeared, and she started dragging me in and out of the trailers, snagging treats and things for me, which I stuffed in my backpack. At one point we were guarding some kind of large signature board, which, evidently, everyone who visited the carnival was supposed to sign. Sometime after this I went looking for my coworkers, but every trailer I went into looked the same, that is, a lunch trailer with no appliances and three people I didn’t know sitting there looking at me like I was nuts. I kept leaving and moving to another trailer, and it kept being the same trailer with those same three people. Eventually, at some point, I realized that people were lining up for the bus to take us back to camp, and I wanted to go join the line but my boots had disappeared and I couldn’t find them.

I really could go into a lot more detail, but for the purposes of this story, this is all you need to know: the dream made very little sense. It wasn’t an outrageously insane dream with purple elephants and giant plants trying to eat people, but it was definitely removed from reality. There were people there who shouldn’t have been, things happening that shouldn’t have been happening, and all in all nothing made any sense.

So here’s the weird thing…I was absolutely convinced it was real. Remember at the beginning when I said that I couldn’t remember how I’d gotten there? I was genuinely freaking out throughout the entire dream because of that fact. I could remember falling asleep in my own bed at home after spending the day with my husband and daughter, and then all of a sudden I was at the work site, wearing my work clothes. Throughout the dream I kept trying to find my supervisor to tell him that I thought I was losing my mind because I couldn’t remember anything from the past 6 days and I had no idea how I’d managed to get on a plane and show up at site without recalling any of it. And yes, I’ve had dreams before that I would have sworn were real while I was dreaming them, but this one was truly intense. I can actually remember thinking, “The only way this would make sense is if its a dream, which I know it isn’t!” I can vividly recall paying particular attention to the way my legs felt when I walked, the way the wind cut at my face, the way my fingertips burned from the cold, and thinking, “I can feel everything, so I have to be awake!”

Needless to say, by the time I woke up I was pretty freaked out. I’ve never had a dream quite that vivid before, one in which I was actually desperate to prove that it was a dream, but every instinct and physical sense I have was telling me otherwise. It was a new level of weird, that’s for sure, which is why I felt the need to share it.

So how about it? Have you ever had a dream like this, that was so unbelievably vivid you were actually starting to think you were losing your mind? Please share, so I don’t feel like the only lunatic here!

2 thoughts on “Taking Lucid Dreams to a New Level

  1. Hi! When I started to read this I was just curious what you meant by this new level. But when I read the whole story I realized this is exactly what I needed to read. I’ve been practicing lucid dreaming for quite a while, most of the time they come spontaneously. So this past week I found a new technique for myself, which I did before going to sleep- counting from 100 till 0 and in between the numbers repeating “I am dreaming.” sentence: 100. I am dreaming.99. I am dreaming. 98….So what happened in the first night, was that I had a very vivid dream, beautiful mountains, ocean and a huge octopus on the sore, and everything looked really beautiful. So I thought that’s too good to be true, too bizarre. I must be dreaming. No, I’m totally am dreaming. Then I met a few people who I know, and I asked myself again whether it’s a dream. And somehow my reply was No. This reply was so convincing, I believed it. I continued to be amazed of my dream, yet I totally believed it was real. And only when I woke up I realized I somehow managed to wrongly convince myself. It was the first night. I told my friend, and she said that it happens, its nothing bad, especially that I had it only once. few days later I repeated the same technique before bed and again the same thing repeated.at first I realized it can’t be true, that it must be a dream. There were famous people, and it made me totally shocked that they know me, and we talked, and it felt like I was totally controlling my every thought, especially when I was asking questions that were logical, I was asking and saying something that I really would if it was a reality. But while i was talking like that, I’ve managed to convince myself that its a reality, that yes, it’s true that I know those people, and everything is real. I was totally aware of the statement i was making to myself. it was lucid, yet somehow wrongly lucid 😀 when i woke up, i was disappointed.
    so you’re not the only lunatic here 🙂

    • Good to know! lol
      I keep meaning to try something like that (the counting from 100 to 0 with the affirmations each time) but I never seem to bother. I usually fall asleep watching television, or I’m so exhausted that I just drop without thinking about it. But one of these days I’m going to try because it never ceases to amaze me how insane my dreams can be and yet everything will feel perfectly sane and logical until I wake up. This dream was the absolute craziest though because even after waking I could remember what my mind and body had FELT like, it was so intense.

      Ah well, nice to know I’m not the only crazy one here. ^_~ Good luck getting the lucid dreaming down!

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