Accountability Tuesdays – Week 32

As mentioned yesterday before my little excerpt, this weekend has been more than a little busy. We spent the entire weekend visiting family and taking part in various events. We even spent a chunk of time just shopping around with the baby in tow. It was all a good time, and we ended it off with the baby’s first trip to a super-wavy beach (which was a blast), but it finalized in the most exhausted me you could imagine. I slept approximately ten hours last night, and I swear I could sleep at least ten more. But the world moves on, there are more things to do, and so I’ll have to just pretend that I slept twenty hours, okay? Okay.

Health and Body Image Goal

*insert slightly insane laughter here*

I actually probably lost a pound or two over the past four days, because that seems to happen whenever we spend a chunk of time visiting down home, but for the most part I can honestly say that this goal did not even exist in my mind this week. The only exercise I did was dragging the baby around, and the only non-fatty food I ate was the vegetables that we had with our steak on Sunday. And that trend isn’t likely to end for a little while yet because I have a children’s birthday party to go to this evening (sugar sugar sugar), and then sometime over the next week and a half we are planning on a shopping trip to New Brunswick (fast food, fast food, fast food). Wish me luck in not actually gaining a bunch more weight!

Editing Goal

I’m a bit up in the air on this one. I didn’t technically do any editing for my zombie apocalypse novel, since I’m focusing on trying to transcribe my notebooks right now. But then again, I’m technically editing as I’m transcribing. The transcribed stuff will likely still be revised and edited further once I’ve gotten everything properly organized into Scrivener, but I am editing bits and pieces as I’m typing them up, so I guess you could say I’ve been doing mini-edits? Yeah, let’s go with “mini-edits”.

1,000,000 Word Goal

I didn’t get as much writing in as I was hoping, because I grossly overestimated how much time I would be able to spend on my laptop while down home visiting people, but I still managed a chunk. By counting my transcribed words (which, I have to be honest, I still feel a little skeezy about, but whatever), I managed to eek out 17166 words. A fair bit of that is also The Artist’s Way exercises and tasks, of which I have many more to do this week, so hopefully next week’s word count will be as good as this one was!

And speaking of The Artist’s Way, I’d better go work on a bit of that while I’ve got a chance, before that children’s party I mentioned earlier. Later!

5 thoughts on “Accountability Tuesdays – Week 32

  1. Love this idea of accounting for your goals. It`s something I got into the habit of doing every w/e-literally, typing up a report on my week`s progress, though not online. Doing so online would add an extra edge to it, I`d imagine.
    Don`t you find the goals themselves can evolve though? And that sometimes, in trying to attain something our focus shifts to stuff that actually might just be more important-I`m thinking of your meeting a bunch of people. Keeping in touch is hugely important, isn`t it, even to the point of letting your word goal slip.

    • Holding yourself accountable online really is a great motivator. I can’t tell you how much it feels like a punch in the gut whenever I have to report that I’ve “failed” in my weekly tasks.
      I do definitely find that goals can evolve though. For instance, with my editing goal, the original intention was to finish editing my zombie apocalypse novel so that I could finally submit it to a publisher, but I found that my supernatural romance was too distracting, so I shifted the goal to finishing the romance FIRST, and now that I’ve completed that I’m moving back to the apocalypse. Goals are great, but sometimes you’ve got to roll with the punches a little. 🙂

      • Well done for all your hard work, though. And let`s not forget baby in the middle of all that. I recall those years all too well- very, very hard work.

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