Take that coupon and shove it, lady…

I’ve experienced these moments and wished I was brave enough to say something, so I’ve gotta give kudos! This post made my day!

Three Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest

Let us talk about a serious social issue. One that is shaking the nation right now as we speak. That is right, folks. I am talking about couponing.

We all know what they are and know at least one Facebook friend that takes the craft seriously. We’ve all seen the post where they have fifteen of ten random items piled up on the kitchen table with the post: “$19.28, people! #Couponqueen”.

ImageI get it, I do. I like coupons. Food just tastes that much sweeter when you buy it for 25% off. Clothes just look better when they were on clearance. I love the feeling of saving money (thrifty is my middle name) so I can completely understand the passion that goes into finding bargains and racking up savings.

But -and this is a big but- if your shopping cart looks like you are stockpiling for the next apocalypse and…

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