Introducing: GoldieBlox!

I’ve written posts before about the idiocy of gender stereotypes, and also about paying actual attention to what your kids like instead of just what you think they should like.

Following both of those topics, I give you today a video by GoldieBlox, a wonderful company who makes engineering toys for girls because they believe that girls can use their brains to have fun instead of just dressing in pink and playing pretty pretty princess.

As I talked about in my post on gender stereotypes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with little girls liking pink and playing princess…in fact, my daughter’s favorite colors are pink and purple and she calls every shirt she wears a dress. But there’s a huge difference between a girl owning a bunch of dolls and a flowery tea set because she likes them, and owning them because some adult went, “Oh! Here’s some GIRL toys that you can play with!”

Check out the GoldieBlox site. Their toys look not only educational, but tons of fun. These kinds of toys – that encourage learning about physics and experimentation – are something that every kid should get to try out and some time or another, and you can be sure that my little “princess” will get her chance too.

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