Step Back – Deep Breath – Shop Responsibly

Friends, family members, countrymen… I have a request of you. It is a simple request that will do us both a world of good, I assure you. My request is thus:

Do not absolutely lose your mind tomorrow over Black Friday sales.

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This request comes a tad too late, which is the first part of the problem. My American friends have assured me that the insanity I’ve been reading about on the internet is true…this year many retailers are starting their Black Friday sales on Thursday, more importantly known as American Thanksgiving.

There is so much wrong with this move, least of all not the fact that, hey, retailers, it’s called Black FRIDAY for a reason. But the real issue, of course, is the demeaning of a national holiday. This move shows a complete and utter lack of respect for both the holiday and the retailers’ employees. Instead of spending a bit of time with their families and sitting down to a nice meal, countless sales associates are going to be trapped at the center of the insanity, being screamed at by crazy shoppers who didn’t get the precise sale they came there for.

And don’t even talk to me about getting paid overtime for the holiday. I’ve worked in sales on Black Friday. Time and a half is not nearly enough for that kind of abuse.

American friends, please stay home today. Believe me, I understand the lure of great sales when it comes time to open your wallet for Christmas presents, but no sale is worth this. If you keep encouraging the retailers they will continue to think that this kind of thing is perfectly alright, and mark my words, next year they’ll start their sales at midnight as Thanksgiving day rolls in.

Black Friday in Canada has never been as big a deal as in America, but I would like to take this moment to speak to my fellow Canucks as well. Do not lose your mind tomorrow. Sales are great, sales are awesome, and I myself will be out there hoping to find some things on the cheap. But sales are not worth spiking your blood pressure so high that everyone around you worries your head might explode. Sales are not worth driving from store to store like Mario Andretti and winding up in a pointless, avoidable accident. Sales are not worth verbally abusing sales associates who have absolutely no power over how many of a particular item a store gets in stock. Sales are not worth making yourself and everyone else around you miserable.

Trust me, everyone. You’ll feel a lot better at the end of the day if you go into Black Friday with a calm breath and an attitude of it not being a big deal if you don’t get the sales you’re hoping for.

Plus, hey…there’s always Cyber Monday.

4 thoughts on “Step Back – Deep Breath – Shop Responsibly

  1. Unfortunately, though there are a lot of people, it is a minority of people who create this bubble of insanity. And for those of us who remain sane, it is a terrible day to need something as simple as a toothbrush and have to weather the storm of many shoppers.

    • Oh tell me about it. I ran to the Dollar Store (the DOLLAR Store, of all places) on Black Friday weekend to grab something I needed for a Christmas craft and I honestly thought I might starve to death waiting in the line-up. 😛

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