Fiction Fragment Fridays: Risky Love and Bloodlust

Well I am very sad to say that for the time being I have completely run out of Final Fantasy: Returning Hope to share with you all. I hope to continue on with the story very soon in the future, but in the meantime I’ll need other things to post on Fiction Fragment Fridays. For today I’m giving you a pair of drabbles that I wrote a while back while experimenting with telling two sides of the same story.

Risky Love

I was completely and utterly in love with her.

I looked into her deep onyx eyes and was totally lost. Her face was pale and flawless against my trembling fingers; her lips were full and red as fresh, wild berries.

“You ready, sweetie?” she smiled seductively, sweeping long strands of violent red hair behind her ears.

I gulped and nodded; she grinned and leaned hungrily toward my neck.

Yes, I was irrevocably, unconditionally in love with her…and I was ready to become a vampire to be with her.

I just hoped she loved me enough to stop drinking in time…


He smiled at me and I felt an intense surge of love for him. It wasn’t right. I shouldn’t be able to love, being the monster that I am. But when he smiled at me, I could feel the beautiful pain in my chest. Perhaps…perhaps I had a soul after all.

I sunk my fangs into his tensed throat, holding his body tight to mine, and drank. His blood was warm and sweet and…he was better than anything I’d ever tasted, or ever would.

Yes, I definitely loved him, but was that love stronger than my thirst for his blood?

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