Fiction Fragment Fridays: Nowhere to Hide

Since I’m working very hard right now, carving out little bits of time when I can and trying to finish the last bit of edits (round one, anyway) on my zombie apocalypse manuscript, I thought I’d share a little excerpt here to show you what I’m working with.

And believe me, I can’t wait to finish this up so that I can move on to something else!

Here’s a little clip from chapter two, right after the breakout occurs:


There were more sirens now, of many different pitches. Ambulances, police, firemen, and possibly others as well.

Nancy dragged herself to the bathroom, flicked on a light, and peered at herself in the mirror. She blinked at herself for several long moments. No wonder little Jenny had taken off. Nancy had gone pale, as if her face had been doused with bleach, and her eyes were huge, hollow, and burning. She looked like a woman possessed.

From the bathroom window she saw the flickering of fire. She pulled herself away from the mirror to look and saw that the building across the road and two down was aflame. The firetrucks stopped out front and the firemen rushed to the hydrants. A woman stumbled slowly out the front door, her clothes and hair on fire. One of the firemen tackled her with a blanket, but as the flames began to smother the woman poked her head out and bit down hard on the man’s ear before ripping it clean off of his head. Nancy couldn’t hear his scream amid the rest of the din, but she could see it. At the other end of the road a car crashed into a news stand and the whole thing burst into a brilliant ball of flame.

Nancy turned, leaned over the bathtub, and vomited until she passed out.


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