A to Z Challenge Day 8: Han Solo (the Cocky Starpilot)


My closest friends and family members were probably wondering when a Star Wars character was going to pop up on this list. It was certain to happen. In fact, there’s a very good chance that it will happen again. (Shh…)

My obsession with Star Wars has waned over the years, but the original three movies still remain at the top of my favorite-things-of-all-time list. I wasn’t even born when the movies originally came out, but I was somewhere around the 6th or 7th grade when they remastered and re-released them. My two best friends, who had seen the movies before, suggested a marathon to introduce me to the films, and so it was that we spent a night with the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance and a metric crap-ton of microwaved popcorn.

I didn’t say so at the time, because itΒ  was obvious that we were meant to be putting most of our love and attention on Luke, but I totally fell for the Han Solo character the moment he first appeared on the screen. He was cool and cocky, a little aloof and occasionally dumb as a bag of hammers (in a cute way), and he played by his own set of (skewed in his favor) rules. In other words, he was a bad boy, who also was known to have a really good heart. And he also happened to be played by a young, handsome Harrison Ford. What thirteen-year-old girl wouldn’t fall for that?

I continued to swoon over Mr Solo through all three movies and right into the expanded universe. I read dozens of Star Wars novels and gravitated toward the ones that featured Han as an integral character. One such series of three books was all about how Han became a smuggler in the first place, and I’m sure I read each of them a dozen times. Another set of books was about a future in which Han and Leia had had three Jedi children, who were subsequently kidnapped. My favorite chapters were the ones in which Han was losing his mind trying to track down his kids. Even as a father he was a total rogue and I ate it up.

Yeah, okay, Han Solo is pretty egotistical and self-centered. In fact, even Harrison Ford himself said that he hated the character. But, come on…he’s a a handsome, gun-toting space pirate. How can you not think that that’s at least a little bit freakin’ awesome?

27 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Day 8: Han Solo (the Cocky Starpilot)

  1. Hooray for someone else who loves Han! I got into Star Wars when my older sister insisted on dragging me to Episode 1. I was 11 at the time. I finally agreed and left the theater saying “We need to rent the originals NOW because I need more of this.” And, of course, the originals are the best by far. Happy to meet another Star Wars fan!

    • You should have known me about a decade and a half ago…my best friend and I knew every detail of the Star Wars universe that was available. lol We even tried making “Star Wars Trivial Pursuit” long before it became an actual thing. XD

      • Well I didn’t know you then, but I’m glad to know you now! My friends and I didn’t try to create a Trivial Pursuit, but we had MORE than our share of Star Wars antics, that’s for sure!

  2. I always, always, ALWAYS found Luke to be annoying. However, I loved Han. I realize I wasn’t supposed to, but I don’t care. Han had more character and flavor and just…everything than Luke. *shrug* AND he didn’t have a prophecy looming doom over his head.

    • Hey there, I just wanted to reply to this comment real quick to let you know that I haven’t been ignoring you all month…for some reason all of your comments got buried by WordPress! Normally comments that I have to approve still show up in my notifications, but for whatever reason yours didn’t, and so I’m just noticing them buried under the “Pending” tab of the comments page of the dashboard. >.> lol

      Anyway, thanks for the comments you left! You’re officially approved now so if you drop in again I’ll actually SEE you. ^_^

      • *sniffle* Okay. *wipes tear* I feel a bit better *hiccup sniffle* now.

        LOL! I totally understand, though. I had a couple people fall into the spam box that were definitely NOT spam as well. I’ve still be stalking you. Just quietly. LOL!

  3. i was a baby when the first came out. I love han, darth, bobo fett, r2d2, and salacious crumb. but he was just plain awesome. i loved it when he took out greedo at the tavern in Mos Eisley. he was such a bada$$. hee!

  4. Now you are making me feel old – I was born when the first three (which are the only three as far as I’m concerned) came out, although I was not really old enough to appreciate them until they came out on VHS. I remember watching The Return of the Jedi for the first time – since Luke is my fav character, it blew me away – I love the mythology, the fairytale nature of the Jedi. I do have a soft spot for ol’ Han as well, though. πŸ™‚

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  5. Han is always a good choice. I’m a bigger fan of the classic trilogy. Sometimes, I even pretend the prequels never happened. I hope the upcoming movies do justice to Han.

    • Oh don’t think I haven’t been thinking about that myself…I cringed a little, honestly, when I heard about the new movies, but I’m hoping that Disney manages to do as great a job as they did with the Avengers. *fingers crossed*

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