A to Z Challenge Day 10: James T. Kirk (the Star Fleet Captain)


As mentioned on “H” day, I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since about the 7th grade, when my two best friends got me to watch all three original movies in one sitting. You would probably assume, therefore, that I am not a Star Trek fan. And if you’d asked me a few years back you would have been very right. Though I’d never seen a single episode of any of the shows, or any of the Star Trek movies, I was firmly seated amongst the armies of Star Wars fans who defy the Trekkies, heart and soul. I figured I could only like one or the other, and I’d made my decision, thank you very much.

So it was that I was 25 years old before I ever actually sat down and watched something with “Star Trek” in the title, and it was the 2009 reboot. My husband and I decided to give it a go, and although quite a few of the in-jokes went right over our heads, we totally enjoyed it. “Oh crap,” I thought. “That was actually pretty good. Have I been avoiding this franchise all this time for nothing?”

Soon after watching that film, my husband decided to go out and hunt down the entire original series, and believe me when I say that it didn’t take us too long to whip through the entire thing. The old show was silly, occasionally quite campy, and there were certain things (like the way the light focuses in on Kirk’s eyes whenever he’s “serious”, as in the picture above) that just made you laugh, but the show was incredibly well done for it’s age, and it was fun. And a great deal of that fun was attributed to Captain James T. Kirk, played by our dear Mr William Shatner. The character is just too much fun to watch. He’s extremely overdone, written to be one of the cockiest womanizers in the known Universe, and somehow always manages to pull out ahead no matter what nonsense situation he gets himself into. He’s the very definition of an over-the-top hero, the kind that can be described with that wonderful phrase, “women want him and men want to be him”. You can’t help but love him and want him to overcome the odds, while also fully aware that he is 100% ridiculous. He keeps you watching on the edge of your seat, while also keeping you laughing like a fool.

Though it may seem very silly at times, I honestly believe that the original Star Trek series is something that everyone who has even the basest interest in science fiction should take the time to watch.

11 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Day 10: James T. Kirk (the Star Fleet Captain)

  1. I’m a big fan of both Star Trek & Star Wars. I grew up with both, Star Trek in re-runs and then the classic Trek movies coming out, and seeing the original Star Wars movies on TV at Christmas 🙂 James T Kirk, let’s face it, is a bit of a twat, but we love him – every…emphatic…moment…of…him ;P (I did always prefer Picard, though)
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    • My hubby prefers Picard as well…I’m not exactly sure where my allegiance lies. lol I love them both, but I have to agree that Picard is the more charming, intelligent leader. ^_~

  2. For all his over-the-topness, Kirk is a shrewd and fearless leader. It’s his intelligence and drive which makes him compelling, no matter how many women he makes out with.
    What I love about the Original Series is how it can go from a really cheesy, dumb episode and the next is profound and interesting.

    • I actually do find that to be an exceptional quality in a show. It’s a huge selling point in other shows I watch, like Supernatural. You want the profound stuff, definitely, but then every now and then you just want to laugh your butt off too. 🙂

  3. Kirk was great. Only I was totally enthralled with Picard. But . . . The new movies are very good and the actor that plays Kirk really has the kirk-ness down.

    Mmm . . . Favorite villain Khan. (Works with today’s post). I mean both the original Ricardo maltebon and Benedict cumberbatch. Drool.

    • I’ve got to say that I totally LOVE the new movies. I think the guy who plays Kirk does an awesome job of portraying that character while sticking to a more serious and professional state of acting, and I love Zachary Quito as Spock too. ^_^

  4. I grew up on the original series, and while looking back at it now, it is extremely ridiculous, it also spawned such an awareness (and love) of speculative fiction in recent generations, it’s amazing.

    • I think the ridiculousness was actually quite a bit of it’s charm. It didn’t take itself too seriously, but also managed to throw in lots of morals and the like. And of course, anything that spawns a love of speculative fiction is an awesome thing. ^_^

    • Oh my god, “total inability to keep his shirt on”. Too funny! XD

      Have you ever seen: “How William Shatner Changed the World”? It’s a documentary about how Star Trek influenced the world in a TON of ways, and Shatner narrates. It’s both informative and hysterical.

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