Fiction Fragment Fridays: Spiritualist

**As first mentioned on March 21st**
For the next little while I’m going to be busy building up a new backlog of material to post on Fridays, amidst the other stuff I’m working on, so for the next few weeks I’m going to satisfy myself to simply post a drabble a week. For you writers out there, feel free to use these drabbles as prompts toward writing something bigger and better, and if you care to share what you’ve written, please send me a link so I can check it out. 🙂



The man was very old. Sitting there in front of the fire, hunched over with his eyes closed…you could almost imagine that he’d died in that position. When he opened those eyes, however, they were full of fiery life. He picked up the staff at his side and shook it over the fire; the bobbles he’d tied to the end of it clinked and clanked and glimmered in the light.

“So…you can do magic, right?” I asked, “So, you can help me with my…problem?”

His slow grin was one of the most frightening things I’d ever seen.

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