A to Z Challenge Day 16: Peter Parker (the Spider-Man)


I’ve mentioned before that in recent years I’ve gotten pretty into the comic book world, particularly with the Marvel superheroes. But Spider-Man – aka Peter Parker – is the Marvel superhero who was my first big link to the comic world, before I even really knew anything about comics.

I’m too young for the original Spider-Man cartoon (although I’ve seen it and have an appreciation for the terrible goodness of it), but there was another cartoon in the 90’s that aired when I was plenty old enough to be falling in love with superheroes. I’m certain that I saw every episode of this particular series, and went on to watch a couple of spin-off series’ as well. At one point – though I was always more into prose than comic-style stories – I began collecting a s series of comics called “Slingers”, which featured four teenagers who adopted the four alternate persona that Peter Parker had come up with during a particularly rough time to be Spider-Man. And my enjoyment of the character continued on from there, with the movies, and then the remake, plus the video games that were periodically released all through my childhood.

The biggest reason that I liked Spider-Man, specifically, as a kid is that he was a kid too. Okay, sure, he was a teenager, but still. He was a young person who had to deal with school, a social life, dating, and all that other good stuff, while also being a superhero, constantly in mortal danger and having his good name besmirched by none other than his boss. It’s always great, as a kid, to be reminded that kids can be heroes too, and Peter Parker showed that in spades. He acted like a kid, what with the goofy banter and constantly trying to balance superhero life with a social life, but he also regularly saved peoples’ lives, thwarted evil, and made hard decisions. As a kid who also loved to write and create her own characters, those qualities really spoke to me.

These days I still enjoy watching Spider-Man cartoons, especially with the company of my daughter, who even at only three years old already knows that Doctor Octopus is a “really bad guy”. Damn right, sweetie. Damn right.

9 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Day 16: Peter Parker (the Spider-Man)

  1. I grew up watching Spider-man and his Amazing Friends, with Iceman and Firestar, so Peter Parker was my introduction to superheroes as well, (okay, him and He-man) πŸ™‚ I’m not a big comic book reader, the only series I’ve ever read is Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novels, but I do like the new Marvel movies and the way they overlap. When my friends talk of the different comic universes, it makes my head spin! ;P
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    • I’ve followed superheroes for a while, because cartoons like Spiderman and Batman were such big things when I was a kid, but it wasn’t until the most recent Marvel movies that I really started getting into the comics as well. When I saw the first Thor movie I was like, “COMICS! NEED! NOW!” lol I also love the way they all interconnect and overlap, and the TV show “Marvel: Agents of Shield” is doing the same thing as well which is just so much fun. ❀

  2. Was never much of a Spider-Man fan, but I did like watching the cartoon. The venom arc was one of my favorites. I was more into batman (Kevin conroy voiced only) and justice league old and new.

    • The Venom arc was my favorite for sure…such a cool villain!
      I can’t say that I watched any of the Justice League stuff. I want to say that I remember the new one being on TV, but for whatever reason it just didn’t appeal to me at the time.

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