A Mother’s Love from Both Sides of the Coin

Yes, I realize that I’m technically a day late for Mother’s Day, but shouldn’t we be able to talk about the wonder that is a mother on any day of the year? ^_~ Mothers are, after all, amazing creatures, and as my own little tribute I thought I’d share a few things about both my mother, and about myself as a mother:

Feel the love. <3
Feel the love. ❤

– My mother has worked a very laborious and emotionally-straining job since before I was born. She worked eight hours a day, felt the physical and emotional backlash for the rest of the hours of the day, and still managed to cook supper almost every day and keep the house clean as a whistle. Maybe the meals weren’t always 100% nutritional (mmm….mac and cheese…), and maybe every now and then her half-awake cleaning routine would end up with the phone in the fridge, but really, how many hours a day can you expect a person to work and not bend a little? Jeebus. 🙂

– Because of the aforementioned job, my mother regularly had to work big holidays, like Christmas. Her regular shift was 7 am to 4 pm, and those years that she had to work the holiday she would happily get up a couple of hours earlier so that we could all enjoy opening our presents together. Later in life when I had to start dragging myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning for my own job, that sacrifice in sleep started to seem like a much bigger deal than it had when I was a kid.

– When my first long-term boyfriend broke up with me, I was pretty depressed and spent several days curled up on the couch just watching TV and eating. At some point I mentioned in passing that I wanted to watch the movie Hook. That evening my mom showed up home from the mall with the movie on DVD. It was a simple gesture, but a huge one (and I still have that DVD). 🙂

– My father was always the calm, easier-going one in the family, and my mom was always the firecracker. While my dad was telling me to smile and “turn the other cheek” when kids were picking on me at school, my mom was telling me that sometimes some kids need a good smack to show them who’s boss. She was 100% on my side when I punched a boy who had (albeit accidentally) stabbed me in the hand with a pencil, and was insistent that I stand my ground when some big stuff went down in junior high. She’s always understood that sometimes a little bit of violence has it’s place, and never tried to convince me otherwise in the name of being a “good role model” (i.e. bullshitter).

– My mother and I haven’t always gotten along because we both have strong personalities and short tempers. Once I can even recall what almost turned into a straight-up fist fight. But we’ve always been able to return easily to love and affection afterwards, and really, how can you say you truly love someone without wanting to hit them every now and then? ^_~

As for myself…

– I didn’t find out until after we officially announced that I was pregnant, but apparently a lot of people in my family genuinely never thought I would have kids because they really didn’t think I wanted them at all. I find that hysterical now because, although I’ve never really been a huge fan of other people’s kids, I was never more excited in my life than when I first found out I was pregnant.

– My daughter’s coming-into-the-world was not easy, not in the slightest. I had only about two hours of spaced contractions, followed by almost 30 hours of extremely painful contractions every minute or so. There were drugs that didn’t work, drugs that worked wonderfully, and then drugs that completely negated the drugs that helped. There was the threat of a c-section after I had already been laboring for almost a day and a half. There was almost overwhelming pain due to the fact that my daughter’s head was pressed up against my spine. And the thing is, as cliche as it may sound, it all meant nothing once that little baby was placed on my chest and nuzzled into my skin for the first time.

– I’ve been a mother for over three years now, and there have been good days and bad days. There are days when I could happily snuggle in bed with my daughter and watch cartoons all day, and there are days when I start seriously considering giving her away to a zoo. But the fact of the matter is that out of everything I am – daughter, wife, tradeswoman, writer, blogger – being a mother is definitely the most fulfilling.

Mom: I love you to pieces, and I just hope that someday I’ll be on the other end of that sentence. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love from Both Sides of the Coin

  1. The last line is lovely. 🙂 So wonderful to see Mother’s Day from both perspectives, and I hope you had a great Sunday!

  2. All the FEELS!! Great post; sounds like you both have a wonderful relationship. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to you both!

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