A Question for WordPress Bloggers

A quick additional post today to ask a question of my fellow WordPress bloggers: is anyone else experiencing messed-up formatting in their blog posts? I didn’t notice until this morning when I was looking back at a recent post to try and remember something that I’d written. What has happened to several of my posts recently is that not all of my line skips (blank line between paragraphs) are showing up. So, in other words, large sections of my posts are showing up as enormous, rambling paragraphs, when really those sections should be divided into multiple paragraphs. Today I attempted to fix one such post by using the HTML code for a line skip in all the appropriate places, but when I updated it and went to check if it had worked there were now two spaces everywhere where I wanted there to be one. Then when I went back and deleted the HTML breaks, it went back to the way it had been before, with no line skips at all.

Anyone experiencing anything similar? It’s really annoying because my choices seem to be the enormous, rambling paragraphs, or huge blank gaps between each paragraph. :\

6 thoughts on “A Question for WordPress Bloggers

  1. Yeah. I’ve had that happened to me a couple of times before. There’s usually some extra html at the end of each paragraph. I don’t remember what usually shows up between the brackets, but once I delete all those, the problem fixes itself.

    • I was wondering if that might be part of the problem because the first post I noticed it on was one where I copied and pasted text from another website in several spots, and the one I was fooling around with today was partially written in Open Office and then copied over. :\

      • If you are copying and pasting, that’s probably the issue. When you paste, you need to “remove all formatting” with the button in the toolbox. If that doesn’t work, check the HTML side of the composer and make sure there aren’t any stray HTML tags running around in your post. 🙂

  2. Mine looks normal today, but that did happen to me about a month ago. If I remember correctly, I ended up reverting the post back to its original format and it ended up correcting itself by the end of the day.

  3. Almost any time I copy/paste into WordPress, whether it’s an entire post or just a snippet of text, I have that happen.

    The culprit is usually found in the text editor – look for the ‘div’ html tags, and delete them all. That always solves my formatting problems.

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