Snapshot Stories: Puppy Tales!

It is unprecedented for me to post on one – never mind both – days of the weekend, but when I saw The Daily Post’s prompt for today I couldn’t resist:

Open the first photo album you can find – real or virtual, your call – and stop at the first picture of yourself that you see there. Tell us the story of that picture.

Most of my photos are on my computer, so I opened the folder and picked a completely random spot to stop. The first picture of myself that I came across was this one, which I combined together with another because it’s better if you can see all three dogs:

These photos were taken several years ago when my hubby and I were visiting a friend who lives in another province. At the time that friend was living in the basement of his friends, and those friends are great animal lovers. Aside from a few reptiles – and was there a huge spider? I think there may have been a huge spider… – they had these three dogs. I can’t remember their names now, but the little fella is a mini-pinscher who also happened to be the runt of his litter, the brown one with the pink collar was a mutt of some kind, and the horse, er, big fella was a boxer-rottweiler mix, if I’m remembering correctly. When I first saw the big guy it was because someone had opened the basement stairs and he came barreling down to see who the strangers he was smelling were. I very nearly had a heart attack. Believe me, this picture does not do him justice. The friend we were visiting is about 6’2″, and when this beast of a dog stood on his hind legs he was almost looking the friend right in the eyes. Luckily he was about the gentlest thing you’ve ever seen. He would even chase the mini-pinscher, literally scoop it up in his mouth, then spit it out and go chasing again.

But the best part of these three dogs was the tricks. Each of them had their own. The little one, when told to “Go crazy” would bounce around in circles and do little flips. The medium-sized one would leap into your arms if you patted your chest (they didn’t warn me about that one and I almost dropped the poor thing). The big fella would “fight”, which is to say that if you lifted your fists and asked him “Wanna fight?” he’d jump up on his hind legs and bat his pays at you like he was boxing.

The three of them were extremely cute, friendly, and funny, and it made my day when I managed to get all three sitting with me at the same time. ­čÖé

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