Blogging 101, Day Three: A Penny for Your Thoughts

Day Three’s assignment is a delve into your thoughts. It asks you to write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog. The reasoning is that if the idea got you passionate enough to start up a blog there must be something to it, and also it will make you feel like you’ve really gotten going. After all,  you have to write posts if you’re going to be a blogger. The “rules” of the assignment also state that you don’t have to actually publish this particular post if you don’t want to. Just get it down, get your ideas flowing and all that. Writers write, and bloggers blog.

Now I already mentioned this as part of Day One’s assignment, but when I first started this blog I wrote this post as an introduction, and it doubles as the topic of this assignment. These are the thoughts that were running through my mind as I created this blog. I had decided that I was ready to put all other distractions aside (other online journals, a webcomic site, an artist site, a bunch of online games, etc), and focus on what was really important to me, which is writing. Before I ever knew what an “author platform” was, I decided to open up a brand new blog, not affiliated in any way with any of my old junk, and make it the definitive place about me. Then I wrote that post, because you’ve got to start somewhere. If I were back to the beginning today, I probably would have written a different post, but I actually kinda like it because if you look at it and then come back to the present you can see the way my voice has changed over time.

How about it, fellow bloggers? Veterans, how did you start your blog? Newbies, how are you going to start?

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