Bonus Embarrassment Post, For Your Pleasure

I had to write a second post today for two reasons. First off, I noticed today that I have 199 WordPress followers, so this is an official shout-out for someone else to follow me! Come on, people! Being that close to 200 is killing me! It’s giving me weird little OCD twitches!

Second, I was wandering around on my computer earlier and came across this video forgotten in the bowels of the internet. I just had to share it because what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t embarrass yourself every now and then? Exactly. XD This was my first (and only) ever YouTube video, recorded several years ago just because. Fair warning: the audio is god awful, so please turn down your speakers before starting the vid in order to avoid blowing your eardrums out. And feel free to laugh. If I didn’t expect laughs I wouldn’t bother posting it. 😀

6 thoughts on “Bonus Embarrassment Post, For Your Pleasure

  1. If it makes you cringe, it’s funny.

    Actually I liked the video, just wish the sound wasn’t as distorted. Sounds like you were recording this with a microphone built into a laptop. 😦

    • That’s EXACTLY what I recorded it with, Tom. lol This was a few years back and I didn’t have a camera or even a camera phone, so the only option was the laptop. Not so good for recording music. XD

  2. See I put on fat when i began having the pill, but I’m quite certain it absolutely was from me pigging out as an alternative to everything hormonal lol! I’m nonetheless on it now and shedding pounds, it isn’t going to seem to be effecting my li da daidaihua is any way 😀

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