Guest Post: Be Brave

For a while now fellow blogger (and super-awesome lady) Meredith of Perfection Pending has been hosting a weekend guest post spot called “Be Brave”. The spot is about allowing mothers all over the world to talk about how they have forced themselves to be brave for the sake of their kids and families. It’s a wonderful spot that I knew I had to take part in.

I actually wrote my story for Meredith well over two months ago (the spot is popular and she was all booked up until now), but ironically the story that I wrote rings truer than ever now that I’m currently on a new job that is, quite honestly, being extremely rough on me. Yes, I wrote about working out West and the bravery required to do such a thing with a small child at home.

photo credit: misspixels via photopin cc. Text added

Please check out my post on Meredith’s site. I’ll be hanging out there all weekend to answer any questions or comments that people might have. Cheers everyone!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Be Brave

  1. We had to live apart from my mother for almost a year and it was one of the toughest things for all of us, ever. I can’t imagine how it is for Japanese families…. it’s so common to hear of fathers living whole cities away, for yearS at a time.

    • I remember reading about that one time, and it was really sad. 😦 There are a lot of people in this neck of the woods who deal with similar situations. Before I got my job, the job my husband was one was set to be six or seven months long. So he wouldn’t have seen his baby girl for half a year or more. And there are lots of people who get stuck in jobs like that because of the particular training they have, or other issues that keep them from getting jobs on camp sites. I really don’t know how people manage it. 😦

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