Fiction Fragment Fridays: Planning for the Future


Since I’m a bit pressed for time these days, and I have to get to work scheduling posts for my next two weeks of work out West, today you get a fanfiction drabble from a short series of drabbles that I did relating to Harry Potter characters. This one is about the Weasley twins, who I loved for their tenacity. Enjoy!

Planning for the Future

Fred and George sat next to each other on George’s bed, each a perfect mirror image of the other. In each of their hands they clutched a list of grades, recently delivered to them from Hogwarts. The results were…less than satisfactory.

“Mum’s gonna kill us, you realize?” Fred pointed out.

“If we’re lucky,” George replied.

They stared at the papers in dread for a long time, until eventually they turned to each other with identical grins on their faces.

“Well, we knew it would happen,” said Fred.

“I guess it’s time,” answered George, “to start planning our real futures.”

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