Blogging 101, Day Fourteen: Deeper Into the Bloggosphere


It may seem as though this has been brought up about a hundred times already, but community is an enormous part of blogging, as is interacting with other blogs/bloggers. We’ve previously explored this via following other blogs, commenting on posts that interest us, and exploring topics. Today we’re going to drive this concept even further home by completing the day fourteen assignment: spend some time reading through the topics you follow, and follow five more blogs and/or topics that intrigue you as you read.

The point, of course, is to build your community and (hopefully) your readership by putting yourself out there and interacting with the “bloggosphere”.

For example, when I discovered and became interested in Nerd Block, I searched for it as a topic on WordPress. I read a bunch of reviews, watched a bunch of unboxing videos, and subsequently ended up following some new blogs as a result. Consequently, some of those nerdy bloggers checked out my blog, saw that I’m a nerd too, and decided to follow me as well.

Look, there’s only so much time that a person can devote to reading blogs and interacting with complete strangers, especially if blogging is not your job (which it likely isn’t). That said, a little bit of effort can go a long way, and in this case interacting with fellow bloggers is like networking with prospective employers – it makes you stand out amongst the sea of possible candidates.

So get out there! Socialize! And don’t come back until you do!

(I’m kidding. Please come back immediately!)

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