Fiction Fragment Friday’s: From the Cat’s Eye


Since I’ve been working my butt off to get lots of blog posts scheduled over the past while, I’m going to returning to posting quick, glorious little drabbles on Friday’s for a few weeks. Are we all okay with that? Of course we are! See, I knew you loved me.

This is a little something I came up with based on how I think cats genuinely feel about kids. Not my cats though. My cats are abnormal.


I awake to the sound of small humans laughing. I open my eyes just wide enough to sneak a peek of the two of them playing on the floor with those ridiculous pony toys. Humans are so stupid. The little ones doubly so.

I stand and stretch, yawn and dig my claws into the fabric of the couch. The little ones see my movement and spring to high alert. I feel my hackles go up and ready to swipe, but their own attack was pets and coos and ear rubs.

Humans are stupid, but the little ones are acceptable.

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