Nerd Block Jr (for Girls) Unboxing and Review July 2014

An extra post for you today so that I can share my third unboxing of the month: Nerd Block Jr (for Girls). As always, please check out my unboxing video first:

If you didn’t watch the video, you’re missing the disappointment on my face during the second half of the box. To help accentuate that disappointment, here’s a cost analysis of the box:

Ty Beanie Baby “Prickles”: $5
Hello Kitty blind bag: $4
ChickaDEE kid’s magazine: I couldn’t find the price of a single magazine, but if you were to buy a subscription the total cost would be approximately $3 per magazine, so I’m going with that
Pin-Art Toy: as I mentioned when I received this same exact toy in last month’s Nerd Block original, these can be found at the Dollar Store for about $2, so that’s all I’m assigning to it

Total approximate value of box: $14
Total cost to me: $22

So right off the bat, you can see why I’m less than impressed. Last month’s Nerd Block Jr was weak, but this month’s was absolutely pathetic in that it didn’t even reach a value that covers the cost of the damn subscription. Aside from that, I find it extremely lame and insulting that they included the pin art toy that had been included in last month’s original box. One can’t help but assume that they found themselves with a ton of pin art leftovers and thought, “Screw it…give them to the kids.”

All in all, I was just very, very disappointed, and pretty much immediately decided to cancel the Nerd Block Jr subscription. After all, if I’m not even getting enough of a value out of the box to cover the cost of the box, what is the point? As it stands, I could have gone out and purchased each of the items out of the past two boxes and it would have cost me about $5 less than what I paid for two months of Nerd Block Jr subscription. Does that seem like a deal to you? (Hint: if it does, you really need to go back and retake grade school math.)

So, in conclusion, extreme disappointment in Nerd Block Jr leads to my cancelling the subscription. Unfortunately by the time I get home from work and get the box open it’s already past the cutoff date to do a cancellation, so I’m stuck with one more box before the account is actually closed. Maybe Nerd Block will make it up to me by packing said box with about $100 worth of merch, but somehow I really doubt it.

2 thoughts on “Nerd Block Jr (for Girls) Unboxing and Review July 2014

    • They’ve been miserable, to be perfectly honest. The first couple of months (before I had subscribed) were pretty decent…the girl’s block in particular had a lot of Funko items and My Little Pony collectibles. But the past two months…man, I’ve been totally disgusted.

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