Blogging 101, Day’s Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three: Blog Events and Social Calls


I’m combining days twenty-two and twenty-three of the challenge because they are closely related and because – due to timing and other projects taking precedence – I’m not actually going to do them. But you should! It’s important! Don’t follow my poor example!

Day twenty-two’s assignment is to pick a blogging event from the Blog Event Listings to try for some instant community.

Day twenty-three’s assignment is to visit five other participants in the blogging event you chose yesterday. Leave at least two comments.

It can’t be said often enough: community is key. And blogging events (such as blog hops, or even this challenge) are an excellent way of taking part in that community. Not only do events give you ideas for things to post about, but they help you to link up with like-minded people, direct traffic toward your blog, and hopefully have a lot of fun in the process. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get involved!

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