Blogging 101, Day Twenty-Seven: Build on the Popular


On day twenty-five, when talking about saving drafts and scheduling ahead of time, we mentioned looking to your most popular posts for further ideas. Today we’ll carry on with that concept viathe day twenty-seven assignment, which is to find the post that has recieved the most views, likes, or comments, and write a related follow-up post.

Now, I’m not actually going to complete this assignment today, but I’ll explain how I’ve already done so before and how it worked out.

When I first began traveling out West for work, my blog was still in its infancy. One day I decided to write a post – mostly for my friends and family – describing a common day for me out at Kearl Lake, where I was working. That post, to this day, is my most visited post for a variety of reasons. Now here’s where the follow-up part comes in. That first post recieved a lot of traffic from wives and girlfriends of Kearl Lake workers, nervous about the possibility of their significant others cheating on them while working away from home and living on a work camp. I began to get a lot of comments from these women, asking me loads of questions, and eventually I was prompted to write another post, both as a follow-up to the Kearl Lake post, and as a stand-alone post on the importance of trust in a relationship. That post is currently my second most viewed post ever.

The moral is that success begets success, so don’t be afraid to return to something that has already proven itself to be a popular, traffic-grabbing topic.

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