Blogging 101, Day Twenty-Nine: Plan the Next Thirty


It humors me that I should be writing about this particular topic at this particular time. Did you know that at this moment you are reading words that were written over thirty days ago? Yes, at this precise moment (over thirty days in the past), I was planning out over a month’s worth of blog posts to give myself some breathing room for other projects and goals.

Planning is super important if you want to keep your blog regularly updated and your brain functioning stress-free. Therefore, today’s assignment is to sketch out an editorial calendar to cover your next thirty days of blogging.

One of the best things I’ve done for myself in a while was to buy a little personal organizer notebook to help keep track of my blog scheduling. It helps so much to have a visual of what I’ve got planned, or to keep notes on ideas that I have for future posts. I can’t tell you how confused I would be trying to plan stuff ahead of time without being able to easily visualize what I’ve already done and what is left to do.

So do yourself a favor: grab an organizer, a calendar, or find a smartphone app that you like, and get planning. You’ll thank yourself later, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Blogging 101, Day Twenty-Nine: Plan the Next Thirty

  1. Hi there,

    I’m still thinking of the blog post about your Grandmother…

    Because of what you wrote I saw my wife in a whole different light.
    Because of what you said you captured the true essence of such a relationship.
    Because of what you described we got acquainted with someone new.
    Because of what you expressed many people will see this special bond with clearer eyes.
    Because of what you felt,
    We paused in our daily routine,
    We breathed in the scent of sadness, loss and celebration,
    We were moved into changing and growing deeper, still deeper.

    Because of what you wrote we simply say ‘thank you’…


    • I think you can, but I’m pretty satisfied with the system I’ve got now. It’s super-easy to schedule stuff with WordPress, the only issue is that only the iPhone app version of the site shows the dates you’ve scheduled for without going into each individual draft post. That’s where my organizer comes in, and since I like physical organization it works out. 😀

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