Nerd Block (Original) Unboxing and Review for August 2014

It’s Nerd Block time again, so before we get on to the breakdown, please check out my unboxing video!

Now, let’s check out the value breakdown of the items, shall we?

Harley Quinn exclusive Funko: As with the exclusive Groot that I received in this month’s Loot Crate, I’m assigning this Funko a higher value than what it would normally cost based on the fact that it is, actually, and exclusive variant that you can’t get anywhere else. My hubby pointed out that I may have actually low-balled the Groot a little since it is exclusive, so for Harley I’m assigning a value of about $20, as opposed to the $10-$12 you would pay for the regular version.
Pokeball t-shirt: I’m not 100% sure about this, but I’m starting to think that all of the shirts that Nerd Block sends out are exclusives because I can never find them for sale in an actual store. Therefore I’m going to stick with my previous system of assigning $15 to a shirt.
Bravest Warriors keychain: These keychains, which you can get in other characters as well, seem to go for about $5
Adam-Bomb Mini-Fig: It looks like about $1.50 for these
Two Doctor Who exclusive comics: It’s difficult to put a value on these since they’re Nerd Block exclusives, but based on the cost of comics I’m assigning them a value of $5 each.

Total approximate value of box: $51.50
Total cost to me: $33

So the “value” of this box wasn’t too bad, but it also depends on what kind of value you assign to all of the exclusive items. I, for instance, assigned $5 each to the Doctor Who comics, but if you’re neither a fan of Doctor Who nor comics you probably wouldn’t value them that highly. Most of the box was Nerd Block exclusive stuff this month, so it really comes down to personal preference when you try to talk about “value”.

Personally, I’m on the fence with this one. I love the Harley Quinn Funko, the comics are pretty cool, and the t-shirt is something that I will happily wear, but the other two items are complete junk in my opinion, especially the mini-figure. This is a problem that I’m finding with a lot of the Nerd Blocks. It’s understandable that not every item in every box will be for every person, but each Nerd Block seems to have at least 2-3 items that are super-cheap junk used to fill up the box a little more. It therefore becomes a debate on whether the remaining decent items are worth the cost of the box. For myself, this month wasn’t too bad, and I’d say that the three good items were worth putting up with the two bad ones, but next month I may feel very differently.

All in all, I’d say that I was pretty happy with this month’s block, but with Nerd Block as a whole I haven’t been terribly impressed so far. As mentioned in the video I’ll be getting at least one more month because I’m too late to cancel for the September block, but I don’t know if I’ll be going any further than that.

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