Social Media of the Future


Note: Today’s post is courtesy of a prompt from “642 Things to Write About“. Today’s prompt is: “Write Facebook status updates for the year 2017.”

For the sake of having a nice number, I figured I’d do one for each month.


Happy New Year everyone! My resolution is to write more this year than ever before! Woo!


Final Fantasy OhMyGodHaven’tWeRunOutOfNumbersYet from my hubby for Valentine’s Day…he knows me so well. ❤


Anyone want to line up some March Break play dates? I am SO not used to having the whirling dervish in the house 24-7.


Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! I’ve gotta be honest though, 33 doesn’t feel much different than 32. 😛


Goddammit, why are we still running our pellet stove? Come on, Spring, where the hell are you?!


Congratulations to all the little rugrats on their Grading Day! So proud of my little missy for acing the 2nd grade!


Big Summer Sale, everyone! For one week only, get the ebook version of Book One of the “Other World” series for FREE! Get it now because Book Two will be available before you know it!


Oh man, we’re more than halfway through the year and I have amassed twice as many new goals as I have finished old ones. Will I never get the hang of this nonsense we call life?


It’s Day One of the third grade! Good luck little missy! I know you’re gonna do just as great as usual. ❤


Joining our Halloween decoration family this year is Michael Myers and Pinhead. Hubby, dear, I think we’re starting to run out of room for this stuff.


Damn you and your strange, masochistic allure, NaNoWriMo…don’t you know I have a book release to deal with? Only 30k words to go…@_@


Happy Holidays everyone! Some wonderful presents in the Tobin house today! I think my little missy will be quite well to do with until 2018….next month. XD

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