Recipe for Disaster


Note: Today’s post is courtesy of a prompt from “642 Things to Write About“. Today’s prompt is: “Write a recipe for disaster.”

Start with a handful of full-grown adults of various shapes, sizes, and flavors. You may wish to also incorporate some children into the recipe, but grown adults enhance the flavor due to the presumption that they should know better.

Chop up the adults’ ability to hold their tongues and tempers by slicing their skin with early mornings, standstill traffic, thankless, dead-end jobs, inconsiderate families, unsympathetic friends, and ungrateful kids.

Rub some salt on the open wounds.

Place thoroughly chopped adults in a melting pot set to high heat. Sprinkle in a little hot weather, a handful of per peeves, and some deep-seated intolerances. Flavor to your liking with racial, sexual, and religious prejudices.

Bring to a boil and stir constantly. Once boil has begun, stir in a healthy portion of fists and feet, and if you’re in the mood to get spicy you might throw in a few police officers with twitchy trigger fingers.

Stir once more, vigorously, and serve immediately.

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