A Room With a View (of Collectibles)


Note: Today’s post is courtesy of a prompt from “642 Things to Write About“. Today’s prompt is: “Describe a room in your house.”

Though it is technically the guest room, I consider this particular room to be “mine”. Much of the room is taken up by a bed that is actually just a box spring and mattress laying directly on the floor. Another large chunk is taken up by a chest-style dresser that is filled with blankets and sheets and has an old-style 32″ television sitting on top of it.

On the wall with the window there is another dresser full of more blankets and sheets, a large stack of old university text books, and a broken bedside table, on which sits a small pile of special stuffed animals that I’ve kept around.

In the corner by the closet is the duckling-shaped rocking chair that a friend of the family made for my daughter, another pile of blankets and sheets (because apparently we don’t have enough of those) and my winter work boots. Inside the closet is a wide variety of items, including spare pillows, stationary and craft supplies, old work and school notes, old magazines, unused picture frames, hidden birthday and Christmas presents, and (you guessed it) some blankets.

So why would I consider this random hodgepodge of items to be “mine”? Well it’s not all the items I’ve mentioned; it’s the ones I haven’t mentioned. See, on the wall opposite all this mess are four bookcases, and those bookcases are filled with things that I love. First and foremost are books of a wide variety. There are classic comics and manga comics, horror novels, fantasy-epics, supernatural YA series’, old kids’ books from my childhood, Star Wars books, inspirational books, some random school textbooks of a Shakespearean nature, and the first ever hard copy of my zombie apocalypse novel, Nowhere to Hide. But wait, there’s more! On top of the cases is a display katana on a lovely wooden sword stand, surrounded by a variety of McFarlane Dragons from each series. The shelves that contain my manga also house a few anime figures and toys. The shelf that holds my traditional comics also has several Marvel and DC Funko Pop figures. There are several more Funko Pops from various TV shows and movies on other shelves, as well as a variety of other small toys, figures, and collectibles.

In short, these shelves do an excellent job of giving a description of who I am…at least, the geeky part of me. ^_^

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