Vox Box is Here! Hasbro #GameNight

So I never really spoke about this on the blog yet, but a few months ago I decided to try out a couple of websites that came highly recommended by some YouTubers I follow, and one of these was Influenster. Basically, what Influenster does is send out free items for people to test and review. The way you get chosen to receive a free item is by joining the website and writing short reviews (a little over a hundred words is acceptable) on products you’ve already used; by doing this and completing tiny mini-surveys, you earn “badges”, which show Influenster what kinds of products you may be suitable to test and review. When they send you a “Vox Box”, which is a shipment of one or more free products, you become a part of the “campaign” to talk about said product; you complete tasks as given to you by Influenster, and if you do a good job they send you more stuff to test and review. Basically, for taking a bit of time out of your day to use and talk about products, you continue to get said products for free. It’s actually quite a sweet set-up, if I do say so myself.

Recently I received my first Vox Box, which was from Hasbro Gaming as part of a #GameNight campaign. Check out the unboxing video:

So basically, for spending a bit of time writing quick reviews, I was sent a $20 board game to share with my daughter. The tasks that are assigned to this particular campaign have thus far taken me about 10 minutes tops, and I expect the rest of the tasks to add about 15 more minutes to the total. So the long and the short is that if you have a little bit of time to waste (I usually work on this kind of stuff when I can’t be doing anything else, like when I’m on the bus to and from work), you can get totally free stuff to try out and keep. Personally, I feel that the time I have put into Influenster thus far has been worth what I received in return, and I hope that they’ll continue to send me awesome stuff to review.

As for how my daughter and I enjoyed this lovely free gift from Hasbro, well…I’ll be writing a review a little later, but for now, I leave you with this pic:

Luv <3
#GameNight Luv ❤

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