~Jingle Jingle Jangle~

~Oh the weather outside is frightful…~

Okay, honestly, no it’s not, but I’m in the Christmasy mood, people! It is the first of December, which also happens to be Cyber Monday for you Internet shoppers, and the season is coming into bloom. Unfortunately today also happens to be the day I fly back out West for two weeks. 😦 But that doesn’t mean I can’t be in the holiday spirit! Jungle bells, baby! Jingle those bells!

Okay, so today is a bit of a write-off because I have to hop on another plane very shortly, but for the rest of the month I’m going to be all about Christmas! Christmas memories, Christmas plans, fav ideas for Christmas gifts…you name it, I’ll croon on about it! So come back tomorrow and see what makes Tracey’s holiday gears spin! ^_^ Hint: it’s awesome stuff like this…(my daughter and niece are the ones in black and silver)


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