Trimmings and Trappings

Some people don’t get into the Christmas mood until the holiday is right upon us, but I’m not one of those. By the time November hits I’m really starting to think about Christmas, and by the end of the month I’m itching to have the tree up and the house all decorated. These days I get even more excited because how can you not when there’s a toddler bouncing around your feet just vibrating to put her special ornaments on the tree?

We’re big decorators in my household, with new items being added to the house every year. We’ve got garland on the stairs, cute little Christmas stuffed toys going up the steps, a musical skating rink on one of the shelves, a variety of festive penguins and polar bears on the others. We’ve got candles and burners pumping Christmasy scents throughout the house, wreaths and hangers on all the doors, and personalized family decorations on the walls. We’ve got candle lights in the windows and lighted reindeer in the yard, and we’ve got two trees…the family tree and a special little one for the little missy, all full of ornaments of her favorite cartoon characters.

And those are my favorite, for sure. The big tree is a pain-in-the-butt every year – this year one of the strands of prelit lights died so we had to surgically remove it from the tree and replace it with another – but it always looks so nice when it’s done that all the frustration kinda washes away. And there’s nothing more adorable than watching the little missy decorate her little tree, so excited, so funny (“Pinkie Pie has to go by the pink light and the Turtles have to go by the green lights!”).

Of course, the little missy also helps decorate the big tree because that’s, like, the most exciting thing in the world for a kid her age.


Unfortunately I now don’t get to enjoy the fruits of our labor for another 15 days, but when I get home again it’ll be all the better to be returning to a festively decorated house full of Christmas joy. 🙂

Do you decorate for the holidays? What are your favorite decorations? Do you have any decoration-related traditions? Please share!

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