Loot Crate Unboxing and Review for November 2014

Yes, I know, it’s December, but there were mishaps involving forgetting to upload my unboxing vid before I flew out West, and also I now have to write this post on my phone because the latest update to my tablet turns it into a brick whenever I connect to the internet, so, yeah. Boo on you for judging me. Booooo.

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, it’s time for a Loot Crate! Check out the vid:

So, as you can see, it wasn’t a bad box, but it wasn’t the most exciting for me personally. Let’s check out the breakdown, shall we?

Pirates vs Ninjas shirt: Despite my original confusion about what this shirt was supposed to be, I actually think it’s kinda neat. I’m not a huge fan of the images-made-out-of-words shirts because I find them too “busy”, but for pirates and ninjas I’ll make an exception. As usual, I’ll assign the shirt a value of $15 because i can’t actually find it for sale anywhere.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Coin w/ Pouch: This is another item that I can’t find for sale anywhere online, and I’m not keen to assign it much of a value. It’s kind of neat, but not easily displayable, and the idea is to get your name engraved on it, which would actually cost you money unless you’re one of a rare breed of people who own their own engraving tools. For these reasons I assign this coin a maximum value of about $3.

Mega Man Mini Helmet: Going along with the theme for this review, I cannot for the life of me find this item for sale online. It’s a cute little Mega Man helmet on a stand, and it looks like any other blind box I’ve seen, so I’ll assign it the value of most of the blind boxes I’ve seen, which is $10.

Mega Bloks Halo DropPod w/ Figure: I have to admit that I was a little surprised to see a Mega Bloks toy in my Loot Crate, since there are probably a million other less toddler-ish choices that they could have made for a Halo item. that said, I’ll add it to the small pile of Mega Blocks items I have set aside for my daughter’s Christmas stocking. And yes! I finally found one online! This item and it’s collectible partners goes for $5.

Street Fighter headband: Okay, this is kinda cute, and I might use it in future videos as a blindfold, but I can’t reasonably assign this exclusive item a value of more than $2 since it’s literally just a strip of red material.

Street Fighter Steam Download:
One of the most valuable items in this box is this download code to get the $20 Steam version of Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Unfortunately I’m a console gamer, but I suppose the value is still there.

Mega Man comic digital download: I will almost definitely download and read these two digital comics, but I want it on record that I would never pay the $4 per comic (digital comic, remember, not physical) that is being charged online.

Lichdom: Battlemage 50% off Code: This is another Steam game – that I’ve never heard of – and it normally goes for $44, making the 50% of code worth $22. I have a hard time accepting that value, because I personally believe that digital downloads of games should never cost more than 50% of what a physical copy of the same game would cost. But I’m just splitting hairs, I guess.

Total approximate value of box: $85
Total cost to me: $30

Now, here’s the thing. Based on the breakdown, the value of this box looks great. But right off the bat, $46 worth of that value (which is over half) is in digital downloads, which I don’t enjoy getting in my subscription boxes. It feels kind of like getting a gift card for Walmart, except that the gift card would be nicer because I could pick out what I want instead of getting something that I might already have or might never use.

Of what’s left, most of it is kinda junky, even if some of it is cute. All in all, I just don’t feel like it was a very fun box. The Mega Man helmet is cute and the shirt will be worn, but I feel like the “Battle” box definitely could have been a lot better.

Try again next month, Loot Crate!

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