Authors Answer 6 – Author Mistakes

To be a real professional you have to be able to see and admit to your own mistakes. Check out what myself and 11 other authors are owning up to.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

For the rest of December, we have a guest author! I’d like to welcome Michael J. Sullivan, the author of the Riyria fantasy series.

As we all know, authors are people.  And people make mistakes.  This is why we write drafts and do a lot of editing.  This is why editors exist.  It’s also why authors often have beta readers pick apart their books.  It’s a reason I also use a critique group.  They help catch many of my mistakes.

pink-erasersQuestion 6: Which mistake or bad habit in writing is the most difficult for you to stop doing?

Michael J. Sullivan

There are plenty of things I do wrong, but I wouldn’t classify them as “bad habits.”  I have a system that works well for me, so my “habits” are generally positive ones. For instance, I write at the same time every day, right after I wake up and…

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2 thoughts on “Authors Answer 6 – Author Mistakes

  1. Okay, I just had a total worlds-colliding moment as I checked out this post. Because I know you, as a wonderful beta reader and writer friend, and a I also know Beth Rhodes as another wonderful writer friend (from CC).
    Small world!

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