ENORMOUS Funko Haul…Only True Nerds Need Apply

We all have our little idiosyncrasies. If you try to deny that, it’s just because you’re the only one who doesn’t realize what it is that you’re doing; trust me, everyone else knows you by your little ticks and habits, even if you don’t realize that you have them. I, for an example, have a few phrases that I use constantly, without even realizing it, and the only reason I actually know that now is because of my YouTube videos (watching yourself on video really brings out the cringes).

One of my husbands idiosyncrasies is that he is a major completionist. The way that this usually shows itself is if a video game he’s playing has hidden collectible items in it; it will drive him completely mad until he finds every single one. He’s the kind of gamer who has to unlock every ability, find every item, and destroy every side-quest. But it’s not just video games. Sometimes his completionist nature bleeds over into real life.

2014 was a year for my husband to get very caught up in collecting items for a themed Christmas present for me. He started as early as January, and by the time December had rolled around it had gotten ridiculously out of control. But, it got ridiculously out of control in a way that made me very, very happy.

Want to see how my husband’s competionist nature manifested itself as one of the most epic nerd Christmas presents ever? Well grab a coffee, sit down, and check out the video:

Is that not epic? Okay, okay, I’m sure a few of you had reactions more in the “what a couple of losers” vein, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s epic. And the really crazy part? My newly-exploded collection doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many Funko Pop! collectibles are out there. As part of my present, my husband printed out a checklist, and it’s amazing how little of the list my collection takes up. I don’t even have all the available Deadpool options! o.O

So now that you’ve seen the insanity, you may be wondering what some of my favs are. Well, it’s difficult to pick because so many of them are totally awesome. Definitely high up on the list is Vegeta, who is so well done with his little scouter that it makes me giggle every time I look at him. Sam and Dean Winchester are also high up there, because I love those characters so much, and it makes me so happy that Funko got their hairstyles right. Loki also makes me giggle like a school-girl, and the Power Rangers are a huge nostalgia blast that makes me so happy, and honestly, how can you not get a kick out of He-Man and Skeletor? And X-Men Deadpool! Arg! There’s too much awesome!

Okay, you probably think I’m a lunatic now, so I leave you with a few questions: Do you own any Funko collectibles? Which ones? Are there any you really, really want? Do you have any of the Pop! figures that were discontinued? Any exclusives? Am I a total lunatic? Please share!

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