All to Ashes

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burnt.”

Responding to another prompt, I told you about the five things that I’d save if there was a fire and I knew that my loved ones were already safe. But today The Daily Post offers an addendum to that prompt: what items do you wish you could have saved, but had to leave behind?

My first thought is, gee, what wouldn’t I wish to save? After all, no one wants to lose their entire life in a fire. But of course when you really think about it there are lots of things that you wouldn’t even think about in the result of a fire, things you probably wouldn’t even notice missing until you went to use them. No one who experiences a house fire cries over their melted colander or their drawer full of holey socks.

But there are definitely lots of items that would be very depressing to lose. There are sentimental items, like the bunny toy that I got on the day I was born. There are very-difficult-to-replace items, like my husband’s collections of games and movies that are no longer retail items. There are impossible-to-replace things, like the files on my laptop of all my literary works-in-progress. There are items that are replaceable, but would cause distress in the time that it took to replace them, like my daughter’s toys and books. And of course there are the things that are easy enough to replace, but at a cost, like home electronics, appliances, and furniture.

Honestly I could probably sit here all day talking about the items I would be sad to lose, but then again if my loved ones were all safe, I’m sure I’d survive.

What about you?

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