A Call-Out for Guest Blog Posts: Help a Girl Out!

So here’s the deal, my friends, readers, and fellow bloggers… I am currently undertaking a project that is going to be outrageously difficult. I can’t really explain myself right now, but suffice it to say that I’m on a schedule and I am trying my damnedest (while working 12-hour days, remember), to get it ready as quickly as possible. I don’t expect to succeed, because there simply isn’t very much time and I have lots of other commitments and responsibilities, but I definitely won’t succeed if I’m worrying about things like this blog at the same time.

So this is a call-out to anyone who would like to write a guest post for No Page Left Blank. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger or not; if there’s something you’d like to write about for a day, I’ll be happy to post it here, just so long as it’s not offensive in any way. Write about whatever you’d like, attach a photo you’d like to include if you have one, and let me know if there’s a website or the like that you want me to link back to with the post. Have fun and help me out at the same time!

If you’re interested, please send your post to:

Any posts that I receive (and approve, obviously), will be posted starting this coming Monday, and running through to the end of February. Thanks in advance! And wish me luck!

One thought on “A Call-Out for Guest Blog Posts: Help a Girl Out!

  1. I hope all is well with you and your loved ones and that you are just having a busy life. I have been reflecting on end of life issues as last week was the anniversary of losing my father. I would like to submit this blog entry to you:


    My blog is personal, yet universal, I think. In exploring my own revelations I find many commonalities with readers who contact me.

    Best of luck! Angie

    Sent from my iPad


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