Authors Answer 18 – Rewriting a Famous Ending

Have you ever wanted to change the ending to a story someone else wrote? The Authors and I have…

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We’ve all read a book that we looked forward to, but were ultimately disappointed with.  But what if we were to rewrite the ending?  What would we do?  This week’s question is brought to us by Amy Morris-Jones.

ball-of-paper-mdQuestion 18: Have you ever wanted to rewrite the ending of another author’s published book? How would you change it?

H. Anthe Davis

I’m more likely to want to rewrite someone else’s book from the ground up than I am to want to rewrite just the ending.  Frankly I can’t think of any ending that I disliked without also disliking some continuous thread in the rest of the book.  I suppose there is one book where I could twist the ending to make everything that had come before it suddenly a satire, instead of the horrifically cliche outsider-becomes-hero-of-the-land-and-bangs-the-queen tale it was, but I’d still want to rewrite a lot of what came…

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2 thoughts on “Authors Answer 18 – Rewriting a Famous Ending

  1. That is why I wrote fanfiction, Harry Potter, for years. I wanted the ending to be my way and have the characters end up with other people. Thankfully, I had an outlet! 🙂

    I also wanted to reach out and welcome you to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April. I am a moderator and just wanted to touch base and say “hi!”

    • Hi there Heather! Thanks for dropping by. I can’t wait for the challenge…I’m working on my posts now. ^_^

      And I agree, fanfiction is such a great outlet in these kinds of situations! I’m a bit of a closet fanfiction writer…I like to write novelizations of video games that I think would make awesome books. 😀

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