A to Z Challenge in Review


Well, ladies and gents, it’s May 1st, which means that this year’s A to Z Challenge is complete! Yay!

So how about a little recap and review?

If you visited my blog during the challenge you know that I chose “video games” as my theme. I didn’t restrict myself to just writing about specific games; I also wrote about consoles, characters, worlds, and at least one creator. I figured that it would be a pretty easy theme for me, considering that I’ve been playing video games since before I was even in school, and there are so many options and routes to take.

I was both right and wrong. My video game theme was definitely easier than some other themes would have been, and I was successful in writing and scheduling over half of the posts before April even began. That was great because one of the best parts of the challenge for me is getting stuff scheduled ahead of time so that I don’t have to worry about it for a while. But there were definitely several letters that fathomed me. You’d think, with about 26 years of gaming behind me, it wouldn’t be difficult to think of something to write about for each letter, but for a few letters I had to stretch, talk about things that I really didn’t know all that much about. For instance, for the letter “I” I wrote about “Ice Climbers” even though I’ve never played the original game, because I couldn’t think of any other game or character that I had played that starts with “I”.

On the other hand, there were plenty of letters that I could have written about multiple times over. For instance, I had a rough time with the letter “M” – I chose to write about “Megaman” because he’s a pretty huge and important character, but I could have easily written about “Mortal Kombat”, “Mario Kart”, or half a dozen others. For “P” I chose “Playstation” because I wanted to write a little something about each of the major consoles, but I really kinda wanted to write about “Pokemon”. For “Z” there were several characters I could have written about, but I didn’t really want to end the challenge on a character; it seemed like I should end it on an important game, so I chose to talk about the setting of “Super Metroid”, “Zebes”.

An interesting side effect of doing this challenge? While trying to decide what I wanted to talk about for each day, I ended up with a growing mental list of all the games I never played and want to. Unfortunately the list is so long that it would take me years of unemployment to get through it, so it’s not likely to happen. But at least I have some ideas in the back of my head for days when I’m bored and have some spare time.

So was the challenge successful? Well I had fun with it, that’s for sure, and despite a couple of bumps in the road I did manage to write about a good topic for every one of the 26 days (with a little help from hubby). So that’s all well and good, for sure. As far as one of the other goals of the challenge – to drive traffic to the blog – I can’t really comment too much. My daily stats seemed to stay pretty much on par with where they usually are on any given month when I’m writing non-challenge posts. I can say, however, that it was not all a loss, because I gained a few new followers, both on the blog and on Twitter, plus I got a few new Likes on my Facebook Author Page. I also came across a few new blogs to follow, which is always nice because it helps to grow the community.

So all in all? Sure, I think it was a pretty good experience, just like last year, and I’ll probably participate again next year. Who doesn’t love a good challenge, right?

So, thanks to everyone who dropped in and commented on the blog throughout the challenge, and a big congrats to everyone else who completed the challenge. Until next year!


4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge in Review

  1. Interesting wrap-up post. Video games as a theme is always fun to read about in A to Z, especially if you play those games yourself. Congratulations! Making it to the end with only a few “bumps” sounds pretty darn great to me.

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