Fab Fit Fun Unboxing and Review for Spring 2015

Rounding out the week of totally-late unboxing and review posts, today I give you the Fab Fit Fun box for Spring 2015. For reasons that I can not recall, I never did one of these posts for the Winter box, so this will be my first unboxing and review post for Fab Fit Fun.

Check out the unboxing video:

Now, you have to be into things like fitness, fashion, and beauty, but if you are, you can see that this box is an amazing value. Let’s check out the breakdown, shall we?

Jules Smith Scarf: This pretty, silky scarf comes in two prints – Water Color or Modern Art – and subscribers had the choice to pick which one they wanted before the box shipped. I honestly can’t recall which one mine is, but I can definitely appreciate how cute it is. My only problem: I have no idea how I’m going to wear it because I’m just plain not fashionable…silky, fashionista scarfs don’t exactly go well with geek t-shirts and jeans. But I guess we’ll see…maybe I can use it as a cute hair accessory. Either way, this scarf values at (eek!) $42.

Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration Serum: Say that five times fast, why don’t ya? I mentioned this in the video, but I’m usually very, very wary of things like this that claim to make you look more youthful and healthy and the like. However, the Goji Berry Serum I recieved in the Winter box actually helps the darkness of my undereye area quite a lot, so I’ll consider myself cautiously optimistic of this new product. I haven’t tried it yet, but I definitely will soon. This little bottle (which I hope has some major lasting power) retails for $48.

Merrithew 3-DVD Set “Intense Body Blast” & $25 Gift Card: This 3-disc set is actually a 3-level Pilates program. I’ve never tried Pilates before (including the fact that I haven’t actually looked at this set yet) so I can’t really comment too much yet. The $25 gift card is a nice added bonus. Hopefully I’ll be able to find something on their website that I want. This duo goes for $61 total.

ORLY Nail BB Cream: Okay, I’ll be honest, when I first took this out of the box I assumed it was the usual kind of BB cream – you know, like, for your face – and I almost described it as such on the video. It wasn’t until looking at the reveal card that I realized it was actually nail polish that’s meant to make your nails look shiny and freshly-manicured, while still being natural. I’ve since tried it out, and I have mixed feelings so far. It looked really nice, for sure, but it seemed to want to pool around the edges of my nails, which subsequently caused raised areas that wanted to peel and looked discolored. I ended up removing it the following day. Now, maybe I just need to apply it in thinner layers, so I’m not giving up on it yet. Either way, this manicure-in-a-bottle costs $15.

ORLY Nail Polish in “Cake Pop”: Now this one I knew was nail polish right off the bat, and it’s very different from the kind I usually get. Instead of a super bold, bright color, this polish is an extremely pale, very delicate shade of pink, and that’s intriguing. I haven’t tried it yet because I forgot to take it out West with me, but I plan to give it a go once I get home next week. This bottle goes for $8.50

Yasi Metallic Flash Tattoos: Okay, I downplayed it a bit in the video, but I have to be honest here and say that I find these tattoos ridiculous. First of all, do grown women actually go around decorating their bodies with temporary tattoos as a fashion statement? I don’t get it. Second, the price of them is really quite outrageous, with the sheet of gold and navy geometrics going for $36. Despite the fact that knowing the value of them will make me cringe with every second, I’ll probably just have a play-day with my daughter with these sometime in the summer.

Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coasters Set: These coasters feature illustrations of four different major world cities on a recycled-paper-feeling material. They’re kinda cute, but as I said in the video they’re not exactly something that would look right in my house, so I’ll probably end up giving them away. The set of 8 goes for $16.

OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Duo: In recent months I’ve been learning that quality really does matter when it comes to cosmetics applicators, so I’m always excited to get new brushes, especially from a big name like OFRA. I’ve tried both of these and I’m pretty happy with them. The #11 is your basic eyeshadow brush, and it certainly does it’s job; it felt kind of pokey and sharp at first, but now that I’ve broken it in it works great and deposits really nicely. The #20 is meant for foundation or concealer application, but I’ve been using it for an all-over base application for my first layer of shadow, and I’ve been more than happy with it. Thank goodness I got these as part of a subscription box, because the duo is priced at a whopping $45.90

Miracle Gro Seed Pod: Okay, this item doesn’t exactly add anything significant to the value of the box, but it amuses me none-the-less. I’ve been wanting, since last year, to get my daughter into growing plants (we failed miserably at the pumpkin we tried to raise), so this little Cilantro pod, which is supposed to be super-easy to grow, might make the perfect project. And if we do manage to grow it, we can eat it! The little pod goes for $1.49, and it comes with a free app download to teach you how to grow.

Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Corn: This is the sponsored item of the season, and unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to try it before I headed off to work. Hopefully it’s still waiting for me when I get home, because they looked pretty good. A bag of this puffed corn treat goes for $1.49

Total value of box: $275.38
Total cost to me: approximately $40

So right off the bat, regardless of your thoughts on each individual item, you’ve got to see the inherent value. Now, normally the box would be closer to $60 for me, after the shipping, but I managed to snag another coupon, and so the value is that much better for the Spring box. Granted, if you read through all those reviews, you realize that not every item was for me, but if you add up just the items I really, really like, you’re still looking at a value of over $100, so that’s still pretty amazing.

My favorite items are definitely the OFRA brush duo and the nail polishes (I love me some nail polish), and I’ve also got high hopes for the high-priced serum. The only item that I’m genuinely disappointed in is the tattoos, because I just can’t help but feel that they’re dumb, not to mention seriously, seriously overpriced. But to each their own, of course.

One other gripe that I have to mention: while using the internet to double-check the value of the items in this box, I discovered that there were actually two more items that were only shipped to US subscribers. They were both gift cards to places that don’t exist in Canada, so it actually makes sense that they didn’t bother to send them to us, but it made me feel a little ripped off. They couldn’t have found something of equal value to send to Canadian subscribers so that Fab Fit Fun members from both sides of the border would get an equal amount of stuff for their equal payment? For shame, FFF. For shame.

All in all though, I did enjoy the box, and I really can’t argue with the value. I will say this though; I’m glad it’s only a seasonal box, and that you have the choice to buy the boxes as they come instead of committing to a subsciption. I definitely wouldn’t be up for shelling out this kind of cash for a monthly subscription!

What do you think? Did you recieve a Fab Fit Fun box for Spring 2015? What was your favorite item? Least favorite item? Have you started growing your seed pod yet? How are you going to wear your scarf? Please share!

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