Staying Off the Edge

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “On the Edge.”

It’s true that everyone needs something in their life that keeps them from going over the edge. Sometimes life is just frustrating and you need that special something to cheer you up, keep you moving forward, or just stop you from screaming.

Over the years that “thing” has changed for me a number of times. Sometimes it’s been writing, sometimes it’s been video games. Occasionally it’s been food, and that can be a dangerous time for my poor waistline. Once or twice it’s even been exercise, although that doesn’t usually last very long.

Right now my thing – the thing that relaxes me and keeps me from losing my mind when I’m frustrated – is the combination of two simple things: hot baths and YouTube videos. I pour some bubble bath in the water, prop my phone up with a bottle so I can see it while I’m laying down, and just veg. Hubby and the little missy know not to bother me when I’m having tub-time, and it’s just extremely soothing. Especially right after I get home from a long shift out West, a nice hot bath and some of my favorite YouTubers can make all the knots and grumbles melt away.

What’s your “thing”?

2 thoughts on “Staying Off the Edge

  1. Right now exercise is my thing… or more accurately, the thought of exercise. I made 6.2 miles today because a certain little one was begging me to take him. So maybe that was my kick in the pants to get me going again. Baseball is my other thing. I love watch the Orioles play, even more so when the win.

    • Man, I wish exercise was my thing. lol I’ve been kicking myself so hard lately because my pants are getting tighter, but I just have so much other crap to be going on with that I can’t convince myself to “waste” any time on exercise. @_@

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