Horror Block Unboxing and Review for May 2015

It’s that time of the month again, my friends; time for a SUPER late Horror Block unboxing. You know the deal, so let’s get right down to it with the unboxing video:

That wasn’t so bad of a box was it? But is the value there? Let’s check out the breakdown:

“Will Graham” Funko Pop figure: I always love a Funko Pop, that’s no secret at all. It’s just unfortunate that I have no interest in this particular one since I’ve never watched the show. Perhaps in the future I’ll get around to it and then this Funko will be a welcome addition to the collection, but for now it’s just kinda gonna be there. Still, it’s a Funko, and it’s worth approximately $13.

“Silent Hill” t-shirt: Just so you know, when I was first looking at this shirt I totally didn’t notice that there’s a bloody silhouette of Pyramid Head behind the words. Blame it on the glare coming in from the window. Anyway, I’m actually pretty impressed with this shirt. I’m not always keen on shirts that have the main point (SILENT HILL!) emblazoned across the front, but the phrase and background image are pretty cool, and it’s something different! A video game reference (even though they’re probably thinking of the movie, themselves)! I can get behind that, for sure. As usual, I give this shirt a standard shirt price of about $15.

“Creature from the Black Lagoon” collectible print: I’m not the biggest fan of these mini-posters and the like, but at least it’s something a little different. You don’t usually see a whole lot of “The Creature” stuff around, and it should go nicely with my husband’s horror movie display. Even though they call it an “exclusive” collectible print, however, it’s just a piece of poster board with a picture on it, so I can’t really assign it a value of more than, say, $2.

Horror Block Short Film Festival DVD: This one is really hard to put a value on because it’s something that was made by Horror Block themselves, and as near as I can tell (correct me if I’m wrong), you can’t actually purchase this DVD anywhere. It’s a neat little addition and I’m interested to see what the winning short films are like, but since it’s a DVD rather than a Bluray I’m going to be what I feel is generous and give it a value of $10.

“Weird Stats and Morbid Facts” book: This is the second “Rue Morgue Library” book I’ve gotten in Horror Block, and it’s pretty neat. I already took a browse through it and some of the facts are pretty interesting. It’s definitely a step up from the supernatural romance that came a couple of months ago, and it adds a good value to the box with its retail price of $15.

Rue Morgue magazine: And, as always, the magazine. Honestly, I’m getting rather sick of getting these magazines. I know that they’re part of the box, and that’s something you have to consider when deciding to subscribe, but I personally don’t read them so it would be nice, in my opinion, if they were changed up for a different item every now and then. Regardless of my feelings, these magazines retail at about $10.

Total approximate value of box: $65
Total cost to me: $37

So right off the bat you can see that this was a high-value box – one of the highest-value Horror Blocks I’ve received, so that definitely makes person feel good. It’s very unfortunate that I can’t really enjoy the Funko because I’ve never seen the show, but it is still a Funko. The shirt was a pleasant surprise because it’s nice to see something a little different for a change. I reserve an opinion on the DVD until I get a chance to watch it, but it is definitely a neat idea. The book is probably my favorite item because I like books like this, and now I’ve got a little collection of them going.

All in all, I’m decently happy with this box, although I can’t say that there was any one item in it that really WOWed me. Again, I can’t help but mention that Funko…boxes with a Funko have huge potential for me, but they just chose the wrong line, in my opinion.

What do you think of the Horror Block for May? Do you subscribe to Horror Block? What was your favorite item in the box? Least favorite? Please share!

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