Ipsy Unbagging and Review for June 2015

If you saw my Ipsy post for last month you know that there isn’t supposed to be an Ipsy post for this month because I cancelled the service. However, as I mention in the beginning of the following unbagging video, there was a mix-up and I hadn’t really cancelled. So let’s call this one a bonus (that I unfortunately had to pay for)! Check out the video:

Although i was annoyed that the cancellation system tripped me up and didn’t cancel properly, I’m actually happy that I got this last bag because there’s some pretty awesome stuff in it. Shall we look at the breakdown?

Vitamin C Facial Serum from ‘Jules and Ester’
In the video I mentioned that I actually have another facial serum that I haven’t tried yet, but I’m thinking I’ll try this one first because it’s supposed to be excellent for dry skin, which I have in spades while working out in the Alberta oil sands. The full-sized bottle is 1.7 oz and retails for $36, making my 0.5 oz bottle worth about $10.50.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer by ‘Smashbox Cosmetics’
This clear primer is said to diffuse the light that hits your skin to blur imperfections, thus making you “picture perfect” for photos. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t tell you if it lives up to the hype or not, but I’ll definitely give it a fair trial. 1 fluid oz of this product retails for $36, therefore my 0.25 fluid oz sample is worth $9.

Sheet Mask Trio from ‘BioRepublic SkinCare’
I love face makes of both the sheet and spread varieties, and these masks are no exception. I used one a few nights ago and it was heavenly – it felt so clean and refreshing, and was an excellent way to help relax after a long day of work. These masks also added quite a value to the bag; they usually go for approximately $5.25 each, and Ipsy gave us three, making the value $15.75.

Power Source nail color by ‘Formula X’
Nowhere on the packaging did it say what this shade of nail color is, and it was nowhere on the Ipsy site either, but I can tell you that it’s a very cute shade. On the nail it is almost a hot pink with peachy undertones – a perfect shade for summer. A full-sized bottle of Formula X goes for $16 per 0.4 oz, making my 0.13 oz worth about $5.20.

Mini Shadow Crayon by ‘tre’StiQue’ in “venitian gold”
This is my first ever shadow crayon, and I’m happy to report to you that I rather enjoy it. The formula goes on smooth and creamy, stays for quite a long time, and the color is soft and beautiful. A set of three of these mini’s retails for $32, therefore my single one is worth about $10.60.

Total approximate value of bag: $51
Total cost to me: $15

So of course the first thing I have to mention is that this is the highest value Glam Bag I’ve ever gotten, by a wide margin. Usually the average value for a bag is about $32, but June’s bag tacks on an extra almost $20, which is pretty amazing and makes me sad that I won’t be getting this service anymore. I absolutely love the masks and the shadow crayon, and although I think the nail color is overpriced I can’t really argue with the beautiful color. I haven’t tried the facial serum or the foundation primer yet, but I have high hopes for them since they both have excellent reviews. And everything came in a super-cute bag that may actually be my favorite Glam Bag yet.

All in all, I’m very happy with this, my last Glam Bag. It was full of fun, high-quality items, and at a total value that blows previous bags out of the water. Plus this bag introduced me to one of my new favorite things – the BioRepublic masks – which are totally worth the pricing after a stressful day.

What did you think? Did you receive an Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of June? What was in yours? What was  your favorite item? Have you tried everything out yet? Please share!


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