June 2015 – Goals in Review

amonthinreviewLast month I talked about how I got all turned around in May as a result of the month having felt a long longer than a month. This time I’m going in the opposite direction and doing a double-take, wondering where in the seven hells June went on me. Between building the playhouse for my daughter at home, dealing with a truly unbelievable amount of paperwork at work, and all the other little things that happened in June, it feels like I blinked and it disappeared on me. So let’s get this Goals in Review post over with before I blink again and it becomes August.

Goal #1. Take care of myself more.

Though there were some good points through the month, I feel I should come right out and say that I failed this goal for June. The month didn’t start off too badly, with a couple of good runs during the end of my last shift, but things got iffy when I went home for my days off. My husband and I were pretty busy with a few things going on, so I got no further runs in and we ate pretty poorly for most of the two weeks. I’d say that about half of the days I was home we had fast food or the next closest thing to it. I did spend two days outside working like a dog to get my daughter’s playhouse built, but in the progress I got a wicked sunburn which didn’t do me any favors.

Returning to work didn’t really help either. The first couple of days it was raining, and as I mentioned before there’s no sense in trying to kill myself by running in Alberta mud. The next couple of days were decent running days, though hot, but then the past four days we’ve been drowning in smoke from the forest fires blowing in from Saskatchewan, which isn’t exactly creating the best conditions for my asthmatic self. Couple that with the fact that work has been running me ragged this past week, and I’m positively exhausted these days, and we can definitely say that June did not end on a healthy note.

Goal #2. Continue to build my readership/viewership.

Again I have to admit right from the get-go that this goal didn’t go so well in June. One reason is that I was just so busy the past few weeks that I didn’t even think about promoting myself. Many days I didn’t even remember to share my blog posts on Facebook, and not once did I think to share snapshots of my YouTube videos on Instagram. I just was not in the game at all.

But the month wasn’t a total loss. I did surpass 200 subscribers on YouTube, which is pretty amazing to me since I’ve been doing these videos for less than a year and I just do them for fun at that. Additionally, despite my complete lack of self-promotion, I have been steadily gaining a blog follower here, a Twitter follower there, and it’s always nice to see those numbers rise, even if slowly. Finally, Nowhere to Hide scored another great review on Goodreads, which never fails to make me smile!

Goal #3: Write. Write a lot.

I was hoping that June would be an excellent month for this goal, but you’ve probably already guessed that there was just too much going on to get a ton of writing done. Regardless, I did actually still do pretty well on this goal for June, so that’s one in the plus column! While down from last month, my word count was still a respectable 15,763 words, which I think is pretty damn good considering the complete lack of spare time I’ve had as of late.

My only concern with the results of this goal for June is the fact that most of those words were blog posts. Now, I have started doing Flash Fiction Fridays and Memoir Mondays as a way to bring more writing into this writer’s blog, but the numbers are still a little disconcerting, so for the month of July I’m going to try my damnedest to make certain that at least half of what I write is fiction, preferably toward my work-in-progress, The Other World. Wish me luck!

So that’s it for me! How was your June? Did you get anything accomplished? Do anything fun? Succeed in grinding any goals into the ground? Please share!

4 thoughts on “June 2015 – Goals in Review

  1. I wasn’t too thrilled with June. I set some fairly modest goals for myself and only barely managed to limp across the finish line. Hopefully July will be better!

  2. My June was right on par for average. Not one thing was outstanding. I did get to guest blog and I now get to be a part of Jay’s Author’s Answers, so that’s a positive 🙂

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